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Why Every Business Needs a Commercial Gate

Wondering if you should install commercial gates for your business? Don’t think twice about it! According to a 2016 National Federation of Self Employed and Small Businesses Limited (FSB) Crime Survey, offline-crime business has cost companies an average of nearly £6,000 a year. Small businesses are the most vulnerable, with 50% of them have fallen victim to criminal acts.

commercial gates

If you happen to be a small enterprise in the industry of wholesale and retail, the more you need highly-reliable electric domestic gates. Why? According to a May 2017 Crime Against Business Report, wholesale and retail is one of the most commonly targeted industries along with accommodation and food and art, entertainment and recreation. Nonetheless, potential risks of robbery and burglary are minimised if not eliminated with security measures in place, including the installation of a commercial gate regardless if it is made of metal or wood, automatic or not.  What matters is that your business premises is secure and well-guarded.

What makes a business most vulnerable to theft and robber?

  • Lack of high-level cameras
  • Lack of sensors
    • Glass break sensors
    • Motion sensors
    • Door and window sensors
    Lack of garage door overheads Lack of ear-piercing sirens

    How do commercial gates come into play?

    • Improve the safety and security of your business premises.
    • Reinforce access control, especially with gates with customisable locking mechanisms.
    • Automates operation that allows easy access, especially at night or during a bad weather.
    • Makes a good investment, especially because most gates for commercial use are made of weather-resistant and rust-proof materials.
    • Adds value to your business premises because it has improved security that promotes safety.
    • Gives you additional insurance breaks, what with insurance companies more likely to give one to businesses with a better layer of protection to property.

    Depending on the type of commercial gate you choose, it can boost aesthetic appeal of your property as well.

    Metal vs. Wood: Which One Should You Choose

    Are you wondering if you should get a commercial gate made of metal or wood? Both have their share of pros and cons and the reason one company chose ornate metal gates Leicester offers may be different from yours. Time to look into what these options have to offer.

    Metal Gates

    • Highly durable and least susceptible to the weather
    • Guarantees a longer lifespan
    • The material is stronger than wood
    • Easier to twist and shape to create an ornate design

    Wood Gates

    • Gives your property a classic and regal appearance
    • May last long when seasoned
    • Organic and offers aesthetic value when curved and carved
    • Less expensive than metal and easier to install
    • At risk of moisture damage and decay
    • Warping will make it difficult to install components for automation
    • May need metal braces when built to a certain height and width
    • Becomes high maintenance over time

    Although wooden gates Leicester offers have some disadvantages, it does make up for them with an aesthetically appealing look and feel. What you choose, however, comes down to your preferences. Are you investing in a commercial gate for longevity and durability? Are you having one installed to add visual appeal to your business premises?

    Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a business that has a higher level of protection and security. With this in mind, contact Magtec Electric Gates for an installation of high-quality commercial gates today.

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