Landscaping with Artificial Grass

With the growing popularity and demand for artificial grass, many homeowners are looking at it as a possible option for their backyard space. If you had any experience maintaining a lawn, you know it is a lot of work and maintenance! After only a few days since you mowed your lawn, the grass starts to grow again. If you are tired of having to constantly spend your time maintaining your lawn and more on enjoying your beautiful outdoor space, you need to get in touch with Green Print Synthetic Grass Perth company.

Contrary to popular belief, fake grass does not look fake at all. In fact, a novice would have easily mistaken an artificial turf to be made out of real grass. If you have considered to install fake turf in your lawn, talk to a rep from Green Print Synthetic Grass Perth to find out about how to install and maintain it.

Artificial Grass 101

Artificial grass is often made of polymer materials along with sand or ground rubber. This makes the material soft to touch and also be able to absorb shock. It was in the year 1964 when artificial grass was discovered to use as an alternative for athletic fields. This makes it possible to maintain the field throughout the year even when there is lack of sunlight to support the grass’ growth.

Today, artificial grass is no longer limited within just athletic fields. They are also popular for commercial and residential landscaping.

Installation of Artificial Grass

The act of installing artificial grass on your lawn is similar in concept as laying carpet. Make sure that each layer is stretched tightly. This will secure the artificial grass on its base. Also, make sure that the seams are not visible. There are several products used to install the fake grass, which is why it is important to tap only a professional installer rather than doing it on your own.

The kind of treatments required for the installation of artificial grass varies from one manufacturer to another. Hence, it is important to check the requirements for your artificial grass before you install them.


Even though artificial grass does not require as much maintenance as real grass does, it is important to give it proper care. This will ensure that the artificial grass landscape will last for several years.

Naturally, you do not have to water synthetic grass or weed it out. However, you need to spray it with a disinfectant from time to time to ensure that they stay clean and free from any source of possible infection. If you own a dog and run around your lawn most of the time, you should clean the synthetic turf more often.

Majority of artificial turfs come with a long term warranty (some can be up to 15 years). If you are buying from Green Print Synthetic Grass Perth, you can ensure top quality artificial turf. If you choose the right material or style, you can get the best looking lawn you can imagine and make it last for several years.

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