5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Potential Property Manager

The real estate property market is one of the most attractive investment areas today. While many investors spend a lot of time and resources searching for the right property markets and choosing the top investments, most ignore the role that a property manager can play in preserving the capital value of their property and increasing their income. Having an ongoing business partnership with a property manager is critical. Here are 5 critical questions to ask when selecting top Metrocity property management in Brisbane.

Do you have a property management department in the agency?

First and foremost, ensure that you are approaching a professional and well-established property management agency. Many agencies are focusing more on sales and leaving client’s assets to inexperienced staff like receptionists and front desk staff. You need to ask if the agency has a fully-dedicated department and manager that specialize in property management. The department should have a number of industry experts who have vast expertise in the local market.

How long have you been in the Brisbane real estate market?

This question is related to the property manager but not the real estate agency. Approaching a reputable agency doesn’t mean that you will get the best services. You should specifically find out if the property manager you are talking to is a qualified and experienced real estate expert. Experts who have directly overseen the management of various properties like yours in the city for many years are the best choice for your property management needs.

How long have you been with the property management agency?

Stability is an important aspect to consider when choosing Metrocity property management in Brisbane. You need someone who proves reliable and is willing to understand everything about your property and needs. You need an expert you can hire today and one year down the line, still be in a position to discuss your property management plan. Most property management staff don’t last due to high staff turnovers. You want to avoid this by choosing real estate agencies that retain managers for long.

Do you provide a written property management plan or proposal?

If you want dependable and efficient property management services, avoid managers who simply evaluate and inspect your property and say, ‘Done, we’ll have your property on our records.’ You need a property manager who takes the necessary steps to present to you a professional image and lay down a detailed written proposal or property management plan. Those who present their management services in a professional way will also do their best to take care of your property as expected.

What many properties are you managing in Brisbane?

While you will want a property manager who has an impressive portfolio of managing various properties in the city, there needs to be a balance. You don’t want a management agency with too many properties as they may have little time to devote to your property. The geographical area that they also handle matters. Choose a specialist manager for your geographical location.


In today’s more complex property market, hiring the best Metrocity property management in Brisbane is the preferred option for any investor. However, it’s important that you make your choice wisely as the right property management services can significantly increase returns from your investment property.

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